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About Us

Armada Designs began, in a much different form, in 2002 when I first began selling online. It reached its current incarnation in 2014, when I rekindled my love of needlework and wished I could find cross stitch patterns that were what *I* wanted to stitch. Being who I am, I taught myself how to make them on my own, and wanted to share with the world!
I am passionate about three things - creating, running, and rescue! All my work is carefully supervised by my two rescue mutts, Marlene and Rufus, and they make sure everything that ships out is the highest quality.
My stitching supervisors
The three of us also foster rescue dogs, and our house acts as the bridge between a shelter on death row, and a new forever home.  The money I make selling my designs and kits often goes to purchasing extra food, treats, toys, and adoption goodies for the foster dogs that pass through here. That's why I love each and every customer and appreciate every sale, because it helps me follow my passion not just for creating, but for rescue too!