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Classic Gamer Sampler StitchAlong

Hello friends, and welcome to the second ever Armada Designs StitchAlong!! Along similar lines of the original Nintendo StitchAlong, this piece is modeled after more traditional alphabet samplers - but with that retro gamer twist! Broken into five bite-size chunks, the stitchalong will run from July to November 2017, easily ready in time for gift giving for the holidays!


I am stitching mine on a fat eighth of beautiful golden yellow dyed 16-count aida. Fabric kits are available for purchase, or you can choose your own! This would also look lovely on tea-dyed, "old" styled fabric, on 16-count aida or any other fabric of equivalent size (e.g., 32-count linen). If stitched on 16-count, it will fit perfectly in an 8x10 standard frame! You will want your fabric to be at least 11x13 to be sure you have plenty of room around the edges, for framing and for hooping while you work on it!


Here are the floss requirements for the WHOLE PIECE. You will only need one skein of everything. On 18-count it's often recommended to stitch with 2 strands; if you would like to stitch with 3, it still works, but you will need TWO skeins of 310 (black) if you do so!






552 725 741 797 899
906 907 910 972 975
995 996 3022 3033 3078
3345 3771 3804 3846 3865


With your purchase, you will get an email to download the first section IMMEDIATELY!  Subsequent sections will be sent on the 5th of each month, through November. Each section will include a few letters from the previous month to help with layout (for example, if the "G" is in month 2, it may also be included in month 3 so you can more easily see how to connect the pieces).

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