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The Class Schedule StitchAlong

Hello friends, and welcome to the 2018 Armada Designs StitchAlong!! Along similar lines of the original Nintendo StitchAlong, this piece will cover 12 months, from Jan-Dec. Each month you will receive one new block representing a class subject from everyone's favorite school of witchcraft and wizardry! If you are purchasing BEFORE Jan 2018, you will be receiving a pattern for the heading and frames for each block, so you can get started right away if you so desire!


I am stitching mine on a fat quarter (18" x 27") of beautiful charcoal dyed 16-count aida. Fabric kits are available for purchase, or you can choose your own! This would also look lovely on solid black, or any other darkly dyed fabric, on 16-count aida or any other fabric of equivalent size (e.g., 32-count linen). The finished stitch will be 192 stitches wide and 279 stitches tall, and you will want 2-3 inches on all sides for ease of hooping while you work, and framing. If stitching on a different count, PLEASE DOUBLE CHECK sizing of your fabric!


Here are the floss requirements for the WHOLE PIECE. You will only need one skein of most. On 16-count it's often recommended to stitch with 2 strands, and I will be using 2 strands on mine; if you would like to stitch with 3, it will still work, but keep in mind you will need more floss on hand! Flosses 725 and 3852 are for the heading and frames; you will use these each month, or in advance if you are stitching ahead!






535 554 725 (x4) 726 728
729 740 780 801 906
910 927 975 995 3024
3033 3345 3852 (x3) 3865



With your purchase, you will get an email to download the pattern and instructions for the title and frames IMMEDIATELY!  Subsequent sections will be sent on the 1st of each month, starting Jan 1, 2018.

Ready to join the fun? See your buying options!


1: The color DMC 53 is a variegated gray floss. I know not every store carries it... Locally to me, it's only carried by Hobby Lobby and some small local shops. If you can't find it, NEVER FEAR. It's only used in one block, and that's not until November. If you can't get your hands on any, it can be substituted for a medium gray, or any other variegated smokey gray. BUT ALSO, I am planning to stock up, and offer a few cuts to anyone who needs it for $1.50 (includes postage). If you don't want to figure out how to find this color, know that that is going to be available before that floss color comes up!

2: Conversion to Anchor colors. It's come to my attention that two colors in this SAL convert to the same color in Anchor - 725 and 728. I have looked over the pattern and you CAN go ahead and just use the same color for both of these and it should be fine! If you don't want to do that, 728 is just a barely, barely darker yellow/gold than 725.

3: Stitches! There are a few stitches besides cross stitch, but I promise nothing difficult! There are 3/4 stitches, backstitching, and a few French knots (which could actually be replaced by a single cross stitch if you really don't wanna do those).

4: Shipping! UPDATE: Fabric is set to arrive to me by 10/19, and I am ready to begin mailing kits immediately upon arrival! A second order of minders is also en route to me, and will hopefully be arriving at the same time, or shortly after.